By doing that, Freidrichs said, new jobs are created in a community, which can help other low-income individuals. For example, the center helped a small painting business apply for a micro loan so it could afford to pay its employees while waiting for customers to pay it. "We're going to have a focus group soon with the Callaway Chamber of Commerce about creating a women's networking group," Freidrichs said. In February, the center will launch its Coffee & CREAM (Callaway Reaching Entrepreneurs and Managers) business workshop series. Monthly lectures by experts will cover many facets of business ownership, from presentation skills to marketing. Each event costs $10 and falls on the fourth Tuesday of the month. "In small businesses especially, one or two people have to know about every aspect of the business," Freidrichs explained. "Most chefs don't open their own restaurant because they love the business side." The first lecture features accounting tips and registration is available online at However, the center has faced a few challenges.

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