Open contracts: Open contracts are ones that are bought or sold without the subsequent sale or purchase being completed, or without taking actual delivery of the physical commodity or security. Preferred shares: Preferred shares refers to certain preferential shares issued by a company which get lending to small businesses a priority to the profits ahead of common or other equity shareholders. It is backed by the U.S government's faith and credit and sold at a discounted rate than its par value. Business hierarchy: Business or Organizational hierarchy refers to the importance of roles, responsibilities or objectives in an organization. It is known as a non-recourse loan because, here, the creditor has no option or provision against the borrower other than the collateral, in case of a failure in payment by the borrower. However, due to lack of capital, some of them have to shelve their plan even before it gets off the ground. Serial bonds are, ordinarily, scheduled to mature periodically. This deferment enables them to modify their loan.

Purchase agreement: A legal agreement where details of the real estate property is provided, including price and terms. Specify that all the concerned parties have read the contract and given their approval to it. The circumstances may be something like a fee simple title, mineral rights, or other interest in the real property. This is done after taking into account all factors concerned with municipal income and property values. One of the plans is to create a logo of the firm and a slogan that serves as an introduction about your firm. Liquidation rights: The rights that the stockholders and security owners of a liquidated firm hold in the event of a liquidation. The loan or the line of credit is generally secured.