Market analysis: market study at different geographical scales for an inter-professional committee

Market analysis

A market study is a process of evaluating the feasibility of a new product or service. The process involves conducting research directly with customers. The process can determine whether an economic activity is profitable or not. Companies conduct market analysis reviews in a niche market to determine its viability and convenience. Different tools can be applied in this research.

Market research at different geographical scales for an inter-professional committee

As the name suggests, an inter-professional committee is a body of professionals from different niches. This means that the professionals target different markets and clients and solve various issues and needs.

Techniques for conducting a market research for inter-personal committees

The market features numerous techniques for research. Below are some of the most effective techniques that can be used to conduct market research for inter-personal committees;

Qualitative and quantitative market studies

In a market research, quantitative and qualitative studies are applied. While these two methods are used to collect data, they apply different data collection techniques. Quantitative studies depend on numerical or measurable data. Quantitative research allows the use of software programs and databases depending on the research question and goal at hand. On the other hand, qualitative studies rely on personal accounts and documentation that give detailed illustrations of how people think or respond to a specific phenomenon. Qualitative research requires manual data collection and analysis, and it usually takes a lot of time and resources. Both techniques come in handy for market research for inter-professional committees. The results can help characterize the different markets targeted by the members of the interprofessional members.

Exploration work

Exploration work, also known as exploratory research, is a market research technique for investigating a problem that has not been studied or sufficiently analyzed in the past. Exploratory analysis aims to understand an existing problem better. Researchers also use this technique to familiarize themselves with a specific phenomenon and acquire a new insight to form a more precise solution. However, more often than not, this research technique does not lead to conclusive results. This study technique is inexpensive, highly interactive, and open-minded. It typically has no predefined structure and answers questions like how and why. Since the study is based on the absence of past research means that researchers would have to spend more time studying material and conducting the studies. This technique is efficient in market analysis for inter-professional commissions because it looks at elements that have not been reviewed previously.

Functioning of a market

The primary benefit of market analysis at different geographical scales for an inter-professional committee is to help the different professionals to improve their performance in various markets. For instance, the studies can give insight into the functioning of a market. This way, the professionals can develop strategies for mapping clients, resolving current issues and needs, and analyzing key trends in the market. The results of the studies can help create future outlooks on different markets.


The best way to gain the most from market research is by using various analysis tools and including various subjects. For instance, incorporating the different geographical scales in this particular research can help significantly in market analysis. For instance, you can conduct international comparisons and draw conclusions on local and international scales. The research will help the members adapt to the dynamic markets and inspire innovation in their practices.

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