Even in 2019, business gifts are still popular among companies in all sectors. Many companies still use this business ritual to build relationships with prospects, partners and employees. Goodies are a very good advertising medium when it comes to conveying a brand image and making a successful marketing move. However, finding original goodies to set you apart from your competitors and to spread your brand more widely is proving difficult. In order to have at your disposal an original corporate gift, it is both essential to know your target audience and their needs, without forgetting to spread your brand image and values.


Increasing awareness by offering greater visibility: this is the purpose of the corporate gifts distributed to prospects and employees at each event and on each special occasion (company launch, trade shows, etc.). Goodies are highly effective tools that are part of any good communication and marketing strategy. The chances of your prospects remembering your brand after receiving an original corporate gift remains very high. This is the reason why companies allocate a budget to these advertising assets. A clever investment for a long-lasting business. Cheaper than traditional advertising communication tools such as radio commercials, commercials and so many others, corporate gifts are nevertheless more effective. The use of these tools will ensure customer loyalty. The problem is that this practice is so popular that a company has to be very resourceful when designing its goodies. Offering a good quality, personalized gift to show your appreciation to your customers or to reward your employees has an emotional impact on them and influences them in a largely positive way. On the other hand, a common gift would show indifference on your part, a lack of investment and interest for your customers, creating a counter-productive result. For an original business gift idea, click on the hyperlink.


In order to optimize the desired emotional impact on prospects, the distribution of these atypical objects should not be done just anyhow. It is necessary to choose the right moment. Favour special occasions such as trade shows and sporting events: offering an original corporate gift at these events will result in your differentiation from the competition. Conferences, corporate seminars, the launch of your company or a new product, or even your brand's anniversary are among the many opportunities to distribute your corporate goodies. They will help solve the problem of lack of visibility at the launch of your brand. Via social networks, you can also launch a contest by encouraging your followers to share your post and like your page. The people who shared your post will then be drawn to see who gets your new product, for example. For your partners and employees, presents at the end of the year or after a big deal is closed are a sure way to build loyalty and show your appreciation for their loyalty to you and your company.


To make the right choice and not create a result opposite to your main objective, use word-of-mouth as a marketing strategy. Know your audience and your partners, their tastes, their expectations. Offering personalized USB flash drives to customers is an original and atypical idea for a corporate gift at trade shows. For your partners and your employees, choose a voucher for a treatment in an institute accompanied by a small personalized note. What could be better than a little moment of relaxation after long hours at work? For a smaller budget, a USB mug warmer will also do the trick, perfect companion during overtime. If you want to stay traditional with a touch of creativity, opt for key rings and pens with your company logo, or, if you have a mascot, why not take the shape of your mascot when designing these goodies?
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