Developing performance in terms of productivity is a major challenge that every company faces every day. It is all the more so when you have a lot of ideas and projects, but are limited in time. More concretely, productivity measures the efficiency of a structure. However, it should not be confused with production because a company can be very productive while producing less. In what follows, we will focus on what needs to be done to boost the productivity of a company.


Although a company has a good reputation as well as sprawling visibility, it becomes vulnerable when it does not focus on operational efficiency. As a result, it is likely that competitors that have managed their productivity and streamlined their operations better will succeed in capturing customers simply because they generate more value with their resources. Therefore, in order to rationalize its activities, it is advisable to first carry out a kind of diagnosis, the purpose of which is to evaluate the company's current performance compared to the competition. During this assessment, it is best to list the various key operational factors and then evaluate them, for example on a scale of 0 to 10. These factors include the company's current processes, work environment and organization, inventory management, quality control, work equipment and its maintenance, training materials, planning and scheduling, productivity per employee, performance of individual employees, etc. The key operational factors are listed below. During this stage, it is also important to locate the various sources of waste and non-productive tasks that can compromise the company's efficiency. N.B. Diagnosing the structure's performance is as essential for a manufacturing company as it is for a service provider. In all cases, it is a fundamental step that will enable the company to implement operational improvement strategies that will allow it to optimize its productivity.


When a company is growing, priorities often change overnight. What's more, its day-to-day objectives always end up on the sidelines in order to respond to emergencies. Therefore, to improve its performance in terms of productivity, each company must manage its time and priorities well. It should be noted that the tasks that companies face every day can be important and urgent at the same time, or important but not urgent, or not important but urgent, or both not important and not urgent. But in any case, it is important to be well organized to know which of these tasks should be prioritized or outsourced. Outsourcing is also an effective strategy that allows the company to refocus on its core competencies and core business. Moreover, it allows the company to acquire more flexibility while avoiding investing in peripheral activities that could make the structure more rigid. Subsequently, it is necessary to set short-term objectives that must be achieved on a daily basis while being aware of the various long-term objectives. Following this stage of time and priority management, each employee must be motivated so that he or she can improve productivity. Therefore, the best way to maintain employee motivation is to avoid repeating the same processes for weeks on end. What we need to do is to let each employee be responsible for his or her own indicators based on previously set objectives. It should be noted that a motivating object must be difficult, but achievable. It is also important to show teams that their efforts directly affect the company's performance. N.B. Above all, do not forget to organize the work efficiently so that each employee does not have to run several hares at once.


Keeping pace with technological change means giving yourself the chance to dramatically improve the way you run a business. In other words, if you're looking to boost your market share, substantially minimize costs, optimize performance... it's important to focus on technology. Indeed, when you want to make your company more efficient in terms of productivity, you can't do without different software solutions and custom applications. Whether it's to boost creativity and productivity, or to control the time spent on your files, or to optimize costs... software is the key to success.
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