Many entrepreneurs question the usefulness of translation services for commercial contracts, while software offers free services. However, it should be noted that these computer programs are limited to simple, restricted and meaningless automated translation. They disregard grammatical and syntactic rules. This is why the intervention of a professional is always indispensable. If you are not yet convinced of the translation work of the service providers, discover their importance in this text.


Translation occupies a central place in international exchanges. An international translator uses his skills and expertise in linguistics to translate the file or document. In the context of an international trade translation, knowledge of the language is not enough. It is also necessary to master the legal terminology of the target and source languages. The sales page to be processed requires a thorough knowledge of the commercial language used in the destination country. Fortunately, the service provider is in a position to handle such a service. Also, the international translator excels in the art of adapting a text according to the context. Indeed, translation work implies a mastery of the situation, the economy, the culture and the social specificities of the destination country. Each word carries a different connotation. For example, the number 88 represents a neo-Nazi code in Germany, whereas in China it is a lucky number. It is the subtleties and minute details in translated texts that distinguish a good provider. In order to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes, some companies request the services of an international translator who is a native speaker of the target language and who speaks the source language perfectly.


A professional in international trade translation can be recognized by the diversified and personalized formulas he or she offers. Generally speaking, the service provider offers translation, interpreting and proofreading services. The first service is the contract translation of commercial documents. This work requires quality, precision and rigour. In addition, the service provider undertakes to respect the confidentiality of information. Proofreading work is essential if the company has any doubts about the quality of the translation. Thus, the service extends to the revision and correction of errors. Finally, interpreting is not necessary in the context of a translation for international trade contracts. Nevertheless, the service may prove indispensable in the event of a direct meeting between the various parties involved in the commercial clause. In this case, the service is accompanied by simultaneous translation, consecutive translation, liaison interpreting or whispering. The mode of operation depends on the preferences of each actor. The service is provided during conferences, visits, symposia, etc. In all cases, the international trade translation service provider adapts its services to the needs of the client.


An international commercial contract is a document of a legal nature. It must be cleared of all forms of errors. In addition, the document requires a perfect structure and quick comprehension, hence the importance of optimising the translation. In international trade translation, the choice of the wrong legal system equivalent, a mismatch of terms, an error of legal concepts in the document to be dealt with can jeopardize the exchange. Also, word-for-word translation without meaning, the use of overly generic terms and confusion of expressions in different languages can alter the signing of the commercial contract. Some service providers omit the proofreading phase after the translation of the contract. However, this stage plays a vital role in detecting possible mistakes, facilitating understanding and speeding up signatures. In order to avoid mistakes, it is advisable to use a service provider who is qualified and experienced in international trade translation.
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